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Fangchenggang Makes Progress in Ecological Village Construction

Fangchenggang in Guangxi has taken numerous measures to develop its ecological villages in recent years and has made substantial progress.

The city planned to develop four ecological village demonstration areas, namely Dongxing border marine ecological demonstration area, Shangsi county Shiwan Dashan Mountain ecological demonstration area, Gangkou district Dadongsha coastal ecological demonstration area and Fangcheng district Dananshan Mountain border area. A site promotion conference is held each quarter to carry forward the ecological village construction.

The progress of Fangchenggang's ecological village construction is also reflected in afforestation, water purification and road hardening.

Up to now, 245 demonstration villages and 1,197 general villages in Fangchenggang have completed local afforestation projects, accounting for 98.3 percent and 89.7 percent of the annual target respectively. The total investments in green projects have reached 30.8 million yuan ($4.87 million), nearly 114 percent of the original plan.

Fangchenggang plans to invest 21.7 million yuan in rural drinking water safety projects to establish 94 drinking water supply spots this year. All the planned projects have started construction and will be put into operation before December.

As for road hardening projects, the city plans to invest 208 million yuan in 316 projects, with a total length of 434 kilometers. By early September, 130 projects have started construction and 35 have already been completed. More projects are in the pipeline and will finish construction by the end of this year.