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Impressions of Liu San Jie

Utilizing the Li River as the stage, the karst mountains as the back drop, and hundreds of local farmers as actors, the Impressions of Liu Sanjie is an incredible experience. Located in picturesque Yangshuo, a suburb of Guilin, the performance was created by Zhang Yimo, who created the opening ceremonies for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Impressions of Liu Sanjie tells the story of Liu Sanjie, a Zhuang Ethnic Minority girl who was a legendary beauty with a gift for singing. The performance is done in seven chapters, each one showing the story of Liu Sanjie and also the life of the local farmers and fishermen.

The stagecraft is state of the art and the fact that nature is utilized as the stage and backdrop make this a very special experience. There are over 600 local Guilin farmers and fishermen in the performance. They all wear traditional Zhuang Ethnic Minority clothing. The fishermen poling their bamboo rafts in precision has to be seen. It is a wonderful way to spend an evening while visiting Yangshuo.