Guilin Attractions ยป Yinshui Dong Village

Yinshui Dong Village

Situated 1.5 kilometers (0.9 miles) west of Longsheng County, Guilin City, Yinshui Dong Village is a typical Dong village with a picturesque scenery. It is built in a valley, and the mountain slopes are very steep. The waterfall is like a silver chain hanging off the mountain slope, hence the attractive name of Yinshui: 'Silver Water'.

The architecture in the village is quite unique and with a distinctive style. The most renowned structures are the Wind and Rain Bridge, and the Drum Tower with its square piled-eaves. The bridge is a unique integration of bridge, pavilion and corridor.
The Dong people still retains their unique national identity. Almost everyone of Dong nationality is good at singing their folk songs and dancing. Tourists who visit can also taste the delicacies of the distinctive local cuisine of Dong, such as their duck, fish and meat dishes.