Guilin Attractions ยป Yangshuo Jiuxian Village

Yangshuo Jiuxian Village

Jiuxian Village is located near Yangshuo county in the Yulong river valley, along a beautiful cycling road from Yangshuo all the way to the dragon bridge near Baisha and offers a very nice break along the way.

The village is an ancient village with a history of near 1400 years. It has been one of the 6 more Guilin Towns/Villages on list of Chinese Historical and Cultural Ancient Towns/Villages.

Remains the most traditional in Yangshuo, Jiuxian village is certainly worth exploring,the preserved grey brick mansions and mud brick farm houses is a photographer’s delight, while the natural surroundings are fascinating as well. If you get tired of visiting bustle cities and seeing people all around and you just simply need to find somewhere rustic and quiet, then pick Jiuxian Village and you will not be disappointed.