Guilin Attractions ยป Taohua River

Taohua River

Taohua River is the main tributary of the Li River, where the atmosphere is tranquil and beautiful. Its river course is winding and circuitous, known as the "nine bends and 18 curves'. Different sceneries will leap to your eyes as the river curves. The riverside and the farmland terraced rice paddies, which will turn green in spring and yellow in autumn. On the shore, cottages and shops, tiled and whitewashed, rank in order.

On the riverside thickly protosomatic woods and thin bamboo cluster, among which wild vines vary. What ecologically rural scenery. Along the coast, mountains extend continuously, reflecting their pictures on the water, as though the boat is paddled on top of the peak. At night, colorfully decorated lanterns are all lit on, giving out bright colors. The water reflects the mountains, and the mountains “float” on the water just like a colored ink picture of landscape.

It is the birthplace of the first Number One Scholar of Guangxi, Zhao Guanwen in the Tang Dynasty. It is the famous scenic spot where Xu Xiake ever stayed, who was the great geographer and traveler in the Ming Dynasty. It is the best urban area for you to release the spirit and embrace the nature.