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Caidiao Opera Liu Sanjie Staged in Hechi Guangxi

Opera singers from Hechi University performed in Dahua Yao autonomous county on July 10, retelling the life story of legendary folk singer Liu Sanjie of the Zhuang ethnic group.

The story of Liu's life was told in six parts in the form of Caidiao Opera, an opera style originating in Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

Dressed in exquisite traditional ethnic costumes, the performers commemorated the folk heroine in a vivid and humorous fashion.

Despite being around for many years, Liu Sanjie's story became better known in the early 1960s after the release of a film dedicated to her life.

The performance painted a picture of the time and history of when Liu lived, as well as the profound cultural riches and spiritual features of her life – receiving hearty rounds of applause from local residents of the Yao ethnic group.

Originating from northern rural areas of the Zhuang autonomous region, Caidiao opera is a traditional Chinese opera of the Han people, with distinctive ethnic features and is listed as an intangible cultural heritage.