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Diecai Park

Diecai Park is located on the banks of the Li River, just a bit south of Fubo Hill. They are within walking distance from each other. Diecai translates into “folded brocade”. It is named because the mountain looks like a huge pile of folded silk. The park has a lot to offer visitors with some time on their hands. The park is very large and covers a huge area. It consists of a single sprawling mountain filled with caves and dotted with pavilions.

The mountain’s main cave is filled with ancient carvings and inscriptions. There are a number of carvings which resemble Chinese paintings. They are very beautiful and are filled with history. The mountain offers commanding views of the Li River and downtown Guilin. The railings at the top of the mountain’s highest peak are covered with locks. Lovers buy a lock, have it engraved, lock it onto the railing and throw the key down the mountain, so that their love will remain forever.

There are thousands of locks there. The park has a huge aviary filled with indigenous birds, which are not too afraid of visitors. You can buy a cup of corn and they will come and you can feed them from your hand. Diecai Park is really beautiful and not as visited as some of Guilin’s other parks, so it is quite quiet.