Guilin Attractions ยป Yueling Ancient Village

Yueling Ancient Village

Located near Wenshi town, 30km north of Guanyang county, Yueling village is an important time-honored village embracing ancient civilization. First built at the turn of the Ming and Qing dynasties, the village now enjoys a long history of more than 700 years. It is home to around 400 households. Their 28 generations all developed from one family, Family Tang, and the villagers still maintain this surname today.

The Yueling Ancient Village mainly consists of six courtyards with colorful designs on crimson background, elegant layout, the courtyards are exquisitely designed and look stately and graceful.History favored this place so much that it left here abundant relics. Visitors will find a lot of ancient architectures in Yueling, among which the most important ones includes: JieXiaoFang, WenChang Pavilion, LingYun Tower,,General's Temple, Ancient Blockhouse. The JieXiaoFang was so elegantly constructed that it is reputed as the essence of the Chinese PaiFang.

Also, Yueling boasts an incomparable natural beauty. Favorable climate, evergreen vegetation, abundant rivers and streams, series of mist-clapped mountains, vast field land make Yueling a fairyland. Yueling is also famous for its reproductivity in fruits. The local Chinese date and pomegranate enjoy great reputation.