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The Fenlong Festival Kicks off in Huanjiang, Hechi Guangxi

The Huanjiang Fenlong Festival and the fourth World Natural Cultural Tourism Festival kicked off with an ancient Maonan blessing ceremony and a dragon dance entitled "Five Dragons Supplying Water" in Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county, Hechi on June 30.

As the oldest and most important festival of the Maonan people, the Fenlong Festival celebrates the ancient story of a dragon who flies down from heaven and provides water for local farmers, helping them yield a bumper harvest.

With the theme of "Huanjiang heritage, Maonan culture", Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county aims to build itself into an international tourist destination which is environmentally sustainable, leisurely, healthy and culturally rich.

Traditional praying rites, alongside dragon boat races, single-bamboo drifting shows and Nuo dances (a national intangible cultural heritage item), were held during the festival.

In addition, the world's largest bronze drum, with a diameter of 6.68 meters, height of 2.86 meters and weight of 50 tons, was on display, with the Guinness World Records award ceremony for the drum being held as well.

Combining international natural heritage culture with local culture, the Fenlong Festival was given new vitality and meaning.

Other colorful activities, such as a banquet focusing on national culture, sightseeing and an auto trade fair, made the festival a satisfying and inclusive event which showcased Maonan's beautiful scenery, culture and folk customs.

The signing ceremony for the tourism alliance cooperation agreement between Huanjiang Maonan autonomous county and Yangshuo county of Guilin was also held.