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Intangible Culture Heritage Station Launched in Hechi

Intangible cultural heritages are expected to be protected in a systematic way, thanks to the establishment of the first intangible cultural heritage working station in Huaili village of Hechi, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, on June 7.

Populated by the Baikuyao people, a branch of the Yao ethnic group, the village boasts colorful folk arts, and is the first village in Hechi listed for its unique bronze drum culture.

Local schools have also opened courses in Yao costumes making and have organized folk art performances of intangible culture heritages.

The new working station will assign people to collect materials and further explore intangible cultures projects in Hechi.

The station will also assist related department in educating the local community about intangible culture heritage protection, nurturing more inheritors of local folk arts.