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Transportation in Guilin

There are several different ways to arrive into Guilin. Flying by plane is the quickest and easiest method of arriving in the city.Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is small, but receives flights from many larger Asian cities. The airport services over 4 million travelers a year and is equipped with a business center, a small branch of the Bank of China, many restaurants operating during flight times and multiple one-stop travel shops for all your flying needs.

Guilin has two train stations, Guilin Station (Guilin Zhan, also referred to as the South Station), in the main part of town, and Guilin North Station (Guilin Bei Zhan), located quite a bit out of the city. Keep this in mind when booking your ticket, as most tourists will want the main Guilin Station. Be aware that not all trains run through both stations when servicing Guilin.

Small but efficient highways make their way to Guilin as well. This allows for coach buses to arrive in Guilin from both small and large cities in China, Bus service from Nanning, Kunming, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Zhuahai, as well as further outlying cities, all run to Guilin. The main bus terminal in Guilin is at No.427 Zhongshan Road (South), which is just 500 meters north of the railway station.

City Transport
The self guide tourist get around Guilin is suggest to take a Taxi or rent a bike, the city comparable small and less bustle traffic, heir a Taxi drop in the city attractions will save your time for find the right way to go. Taxi rental fee start by CNY7 Yuan for 2 km, and the extra fee will be plus in the corresponding distance.