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Climate & Weather in Guilin

Guilin's is located in a sub-tropical area. Spring is warm and humid. May and June are Guilin's wettest months and it can rain daily for a week at a time. The summer is hot and humid. The Autumn is much more comfortable as the weather cools in preparation for winter. It is a great time to visit because the rice in the fields have turned gold colored and farmers can be seen harvesting their crops. Longsheng at this time is particularly beautiful. The winter is cold and humid. It very rarely gets below freezing and snow is very rarely ever seen. The humidity combined with the cold makes proper clothing essential.



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Spring, early March to middle April, is mostly sunny. At this time, northern China is still silvered with snow or frost, but Guilin has been full of tinges of spring – colorful flowers and green willows compete with each other for beauty of looks. If you visiting there in spring, rain wear is also must.

Guilin's summer from late April to mid-August is a rainy season especially in May and June. The rainfall in summer reaches up to 1,000 mm, making up over 50% of the total rainfall per year. Always remember to bring an umbrella with you if you go there at this time. However, visiting there in rain and fog may make you feel as graceful as a fairy.

Autumn, the golden season to visit that area, usually starts from late August and ends at the end of October. At this period of time, it is mostly clear and cool, and the water in the Li River is as smooth as a glass. So it is a best time to enjoy the reflections of the mountains.

Winter in Guilin is from November to February when the whole city is covered with blossoming sweet-scented osmanthus giving off its fragrance everywhere. Snow is rare in Guilin.