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Sanjiang Facts

Geographic Position
Sanjiang is a county situated at the south part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, under Liuzhou city administration. It's the intersection of Guangxi, Hunan and Guizhou province. It is 203 kilometers and 167 kilometers away from Guilin and Liuzhou respectively.

Sanjiang Climate
Sanjiang belongs to subtropical Nanling humid climate. The region is blessed with plentiful rain and a mild climate and featuring four distinct seasons. January is the coldest month in the year with the lowest temperature of 7.3℃. July is the hottest month with the highest temperature  of 27.3℃.

Sanjiang is 203 kilometers away from Guilin, and some 167 kilometers away from Liuzhou. It has a relatively convenient transportation to get in and get out to with national highway 209 and the railway passing through. It reaches by bus from Longsheng about 1.5 hours and Guilin 4.5 hours. Sanjiang County Railway Station is just about 10km from the Main Square and "Bird's Nest" bull fighting arena.

Scenic Spots
There are several scenic spots in Sangjiang, and the most well known are Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Sanjiang Drum Tower. Chengyang Bridge is the combination of bridge, corridor, veranda and Chinese pavilion. It serves as the link between two populous villages. The Drum Tower is the first tower of Dong ethnic; it is a magnificent and elaborate wooden structure with pagoda-shaped as the symbol of Sanjiang County. It represents Dong minority's profound culture.

Folk Customs
Sanjiang is home to Dong people (an ethnic minority in China). They preserve their own distinctive traditions and customs. Dong people entertain a guest with their special food named Camellia oleifera (made of tea, big popcorn, crisp soy bean, green onion, glutinous rice etc.).  It is viewed as their first custom and shows the Dong's hospitality. Besides, there are many things showing special characteristics of Dong peoples such as the farmer draws, Kam Grand Choirs, Dong Embroidery, New china Delight etc.