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Yangshuo Facts

Geographic Position
Yangshuo County is located in northeast part of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, under the administration of Guilin city. It is popular among tourists for its karst peaks, rivers, caves, and temples as well as its laid back cafes and bars. As the result, the county receives a large number of tourists from home and abroad.

Yangshuo enjoys comfortable subtropical monsoon climate featuring abundant precipitation, full sunshine and four distinct seasons. January is the coldest month with average temperature at of 8.9℃. July and August is the hottest time of the year with average temperature of 28.3℃.

Yangshuo is 65 kilometers away from Guilin city. To get in and get out of Yangshuo, and there are three ways, by train, by bus or by boat. There is no airport in Yangshuo, the nearest airport is Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. Until now, Liangjiang Airport has opened the flights for most of the main cities in China. To get to Yangshuo by bus, first take the airport bus and get off at the stop near the train station for mini buses to Yangshuo. However, it's better to go to the bus station to catch the express buses which operate every 15 -20 minutes between Guilin and Yangshuo. Or, you can take a boat to Yangshuo on the Mopanshan port and Zhujiang port, which would experience a panorama of a fairy-tail landscape. Within Yangshuo County, bicycle is naturally a most popular vehicle for tourists. Electricity-powered motorcycles are also available for rental. Besides, there are public buses, pedicab and taxi providing for the resident and tourist convenience.

Scenic Spots
As a famous scenic spot in China, Yangshuo attracts a great number of tourists from home and abroad with its beautiful and peaceful natural scenery. There are many scenic spots in Yangshuo, such as the West Street, Yulong River, Butterfly Spring, Lianhua Yan, Moon Mountain, Ten-mile Gallery, ancient towns of Xingping, Fuli Town etc. Cycling in Yangshuo's picturesque countryside is the most popular way for the tourists to explore, and rafting on the Yulong river gives you an unique and natural experience of the mountains and rivers. Rock climbing in Yangshuo is also very popular.

As an internationally touristy County, Yangshuo provides both delicious Western and Chinese food for the tourists and the local people. There is a must try of the local specialties in the restaurants down on the West Street, such as the Grapefruit or Pomelos and Beer fish. Besides, the Chinese Muslim Food also could not be missed. Many cafes in Yangshuo offer burgers, shepherd's pie, and a Western breakfast, some with authentic western foods.