Guangxi Attractions ยป Bama Yao Longevity Villages

Bama Yao Longevity Villages

Bama Yao Autonomous County is a county under the administration of Hechi City in Guangxi China. The residents of Bama County have a reputation for longevity, and Bama has been the focus of studies from geriatricians nationwide. Bama County Town is about 250 kms (100 miles) from Nanning and about 100 kms (60 miles) from Hechi City. Covering an area of 1,971 square kilometers the county is home to the Zhuang people, Yao people, Han people, and 12 ethnic groups.

Fame of Longevity
Bama is a hinterland famous for its longevity phenomenon. According to experts, Bama is among the best areas for human living and eco-tourism. The International Alternative Medicine Association declared that Bama was the town ranked fifth for longevity in the world at its 13th annual conference. Compared with the four higher ranked longevity towns, the percentage of longevous people in the population of Bama is the highest. In 1994 the ratio of longevous people over age 100 in the population was 3.54/10000. According to the 5th national population census in 2000, the number of longevous men over age 90 had reached 530.

Discover the Secrets of the Longevity
According to experts of International Alternative Medicine Association, Bama Longevity mainly thanks to the good natural ecology, gentle subtropical climate, wise living style, no pollution of air, underground water, food and more.   

Bama Tourist Attractions
There are a list of interesting tourism attractions in Bama, among them Panyang River and Devils' Cave are the most famous ones. Panyang River is Bama's mother river and 'Longevity River', along which offers a sight of Karst mountains and rivers. Besides the natural sceney, there are also lots of humanistic interests in Bama, such as exploring longevity, experiencing ethnic customs and visiting the Revolutionary History Education Base.