Guangxi Attractions ยป Hezhou Huangyao Ancient Town

Hezhou Huangyao Ancient Town

Located in the northeast of Zhaoping County, 200 km away from Guilin, Huangyao Ancient Town has a history of over 1000 years and is featured by mountains with caves,  unique folk houses, exquisite pavilions and temples, tables, ancestor halls, tremendous old trees and stone roads. At each corner of the town, you can see the typical scene of Chinese old town. The surname of the families living in the town are mainly Huang and Yao, hence the ancient town got its name. Firstly built in the Song Dynasty, the town got reached its heyday in the reign of Emperor Qianlong during the middle Qing Dynasty. Now the town has 600 families and covers an area of 3,600 square meters.    

Reputed as the 'dreamland for families', Huangyao Ancient Town is surrounded by karst hills, mountains and paddy fields. Inconvenient transportation in the past helped to keep the town's relics and traditions intact, no bothing from outside conflicts. The streets of the town are paved with square stones. Rows and rows of Ming-qing style residences stands at two sides of the streets. About 20 temples, 10 pavilions, stone tables, ancestor halls and more ancient relics scatter and are dotted with briges and old trees around the town.  

Famous sights are Wenming Pavilion, Xingning Temple, Shizi Temple, Ancient Performance Platform, Wu family ancestral hall, Zuolong Temple, Dailong Bridge, etc. Wenming pavilion and Zhou's Family Reservoir top all the sights.
Built on the mountain, Wenming Pavilion is a worship place for locals to pray for the best climate and weahter for a good cultivation and harvest througout a year. There a platform offers visitor a broad view of leisure countryside scene.
Zhou's Family Reservoir lends beautiful scenery of rurality on the sides along the road from Huangyao Town toward Zhaoping county, A tender picture of special yellow soil, brick wall, zigzag field will full of your eyes on you way here.
Delicious food and local dishes in Haungyao are Huangyao tofu, stuffed bean curd and bean curd, Huangyao still fresh mushroom, mushroom fried rice cake, vegetables also Xiantian, carp and grass carp markets. Tea and lobster sauce are good for season.  

Travel tips:
Hours: Buy ticket from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. and can stay there all day long
Admission: 100 yuan
Getting there: 4 hours' drive from Guilin;
Take buses from Guilin to Hezhou, 2 buses daily;
take a train No. K9336 / K 9337 from Nanning to Hezhou and  then transfer bus from Hezhou to Huangyao Twon.