Guilin Attractions ยป Shangri-la


Located between Guilin City and Yangshuo, the Shangri-la site showcases the Ethnic minority groups around the Guilin area through performances, art, clothing, and architecture.

A tour begins with some local Minority girls singing and playing traditional instruments. Their clothing and instruments are beautiful and unique to their ethnic group. Visitors then take a boat ride through the countryside, past villages, rice fields, and the beautiful karst mountains that made Guilin famous. Visitors then disembark in a Dong Minority village where they can see the art and cultures of the Dong Minority Group. Visitors can see how their clothing is woven and decorated, and other art forms unique to the group. There are also music performances along the way. Visitors then visit a reproduction of an ancient mansion showing the architecture and gardens of Guilin’s ancient elite.

The site gives visitors a glimpse into one aspect of Guilin that makes it so special. The Ethnic Minority Groups of Guilin are very colorful with unique cultures that always fascinate visitors.