Guilin Attractions ยป San Jiang Village

San Jiang Village

Located in the suburbs of Guilin, Sanjiang Villages are mainly Dong Ethnic Minority Village. It rarely visited on China tours, but it is very popular with those who do. The ancient village still retains its ancient architecture and the local Dong Minority people maintain their centuries old traditions and culture. Wearing their traditional clothing, the locals go about life as they have for generations. Mostly a farming society, the village is surrounded by picturesque rice paddies.

The unique architecture of the Dong Ethnic Minority Group adds to the beauty of the ancient village. Every Dong Minority village has a drum tower which was used as a meeting place, center of marriages and festivals, and for communication. The drum towers’ architecture amplifies the large drum inside which is used to summon villagers from near and far.

San Jiang Village allows visitors to see what life is like for the locals, including traditional dances and music. It is a great way to witness what life is like for minority villagers.