Guilin Attractions ยป Fubo Hill

Fubo Hill

One of Guilin’s five famous Mountains, Fubo Hill is located on the banks of the famous Li River. Its name translates as Wave Subduing Hill, because it juts out into the Li River and stops waves. The mountain is the centerpiece of a Fubo Park. The hill, like most of Guilin's hills is filled with caves. The park area surrounding the hill is nicely landscaped. It features meandering paths that are well maintained and pass under sprawling banyan trees and topiaries.

The hill has stairs that lead to the top. Located halfway up the hill is a small pavilion which looks over the surrounding neighborhoods. There is also a pavilion located on top of the hill. The views of the Li River and of Guilin City are spectacular. The hill has many caves and passages in and under it. The caves are wonderfully cool in the summer and always have a breeze blowing through them. Inside the hill is the Thousand Buddha Cave. The cave opens up to the outside and overlooks the Li River. The cave is filled with hundreds of Buddhist carvings that date back to the Tang Dynasty.

Another famous feature of the hill is the Sword Testing Stone. Legend says that an ancient general tested his sword by chopping through the stone. The rest of the caves are filled with engravings and ancient inscriptions. The park is small, but very lovely and has a lot of surprises in a small space.